What does the world love about Great Britain?

for VisitBritain
A visually driven platform where users could discover a vast selection of renowned UK destinations, landmarks and events, showcased in a contemporary layout with striking photography. Read more

Taking the MailOnline to No.1 in the World

for DMGT
The MailOnline asked us to help them achieve their desired aim of developing a much expanded and enhanced web presence. The overall objective was simple: to make the MailOnline the UK’s number one newspaper website. Read more

Guiding Lifetime through a Responsive Launch

for A+E Networks
Lifetime TV is designed for readers; created to enhance the consumption of vital content across all available devices. Read more

Making the Weather Better, Even When it is Good

for Weathermob
Weathermob is a delightful but singularly useful - and usable - social weather app, aggregating real time user reports alongside traditional weather forecast information hour-by-hour to generate a highly accurate and personalised weather picture for the next eight days, anywhere in the world. Read more

- Marty Neumeier


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